Glenn Michael Van Dyke is an audio engineer, musician, and entreprenuer. She spent 10 years living in New York City after studying at NYU. She played in several bands including BOYTOY of which she is a founding member. She’s toured with Katie Harkin, Sofia Bolt, and Las Rosas. She’s a frequent contributor to Jacksonville’s local culture mag Void Magazine. She currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida where she owns and operates a recording studio out of her home. When shes not writing or recording with her current band, Kairos Creature Club, you can find her chasing waves, or at Lowes chasing a tool for her latest project. She is actively seeking her degree in law.
“This vision is more than a festival and a record label; it represents the progressive side to this city that deserves to be set free. We want Winterland to be an entity that provides substantial economic benefits to this city, shows kids here that it’s possible to sustain a career as an artist, and continues to cultivate progress in the south.We are about real people with real vision and ideas to reshape certain southern social constructs where change is long overdue.”
Lena Simon is a musician, multi--instrumentalist, and touring and recording professional. Music has played a leading role in her life since childhood. She grew up in Los Angeles, CA and graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the arts where she focused on classsical clarient, classical percussion, and jazz drums. She attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where she studied compositon ranging from Indonesian gamelan ensemble, to music for modern dance. She quickly gained a reputation for performing with a different band every night. She evetually settled into international touring band La Luz of which she is still an active member. She currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida and runs a recording studio.
“It started as a conversation about a house boat tour in Florida which developed, several years later, into a record label and festival.We want to showcase the incredible local and regional talent Florida has to offer. I’m proud to be a part of a burgeoning scene in Jacksonville, one that is on a path to becoming a cultural hub as booming as Seattle and Los Angeles.”
Mattthew Shaw is a musician, freelance writer, surfer and dad. A former editor of Folio Weekly, he has contributed feature stories to The Surfer’s Journal and Surfer Magazine and has covered national stories for The New York Times. He moved back to Jacksonville from San Francisco after playing earnest folk music around various famed haunts in between teaching at the stat’es oldest progressive school, and frequenting the banned books section of City Lights bookstore (where he was never actually able to afford a purchase.) He brought back ideas and vision to uplift the arts scene in northeast Florida. He is actively working on expanding the reach of local radio and enjoys creating content that showcases underground talent. He plays bass in Kairos Creautre Club and is currently the Editor--in-Cheif of Void Magazine.
“At its core, Winterland is just about sharing cool music. From day one we've felt like we had an opportunity to play a role in defining what music from Florida looks and sounds like to a broader audience. I really believe the narrative around arts, music, and culture in Florida is changing. And Jacksonville has an opportunity to drive that narrative. From hip-hop and bedroom pop to salsa and garage rock, Jax's scene is a deep well; and as eclectic as any city's.”