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Animal Clinic

Year of the Bore


The full album from multi-instrumentalist and tinkerer James Scott Rubia (Kairos Creature Club, Master Radical). It’s a sultry blend of synths perfect for the dog days and afternoons of summer. Limited edition cassettes made from recycled plastic, and album art printed on recycled card stock in a 100% carbon neutral facility.

Fever Beam

S/T 7″


Fever Beam are a luscious indulgence of youthful vices and bad behavior. Formed in the sweat tank of a Florida summer, the trio evokes energy from the past legends of glam, punk, and blues. They may as well be rolling around on the floor of CBGB’s covered in beer, blood, and cigarette ash. They’d just as soon put their tongue down your throat as they’d kick you in the shins. Don’t leave your drink on the table unless you’d like it in your face.




Llegamos is the debut 7″ from the 10-piece salsa band LPT. It was recorded live to tape at Winterland Studios and features a cover of Bobby Valentin’s La Rumba the Espera and a salsa rendition of local legends Stono Echo’s Politrickin. For dancing in your kitchen, living room, or wherever the mood strikes. A refreshing sound in a purely analog format.